Ceramics,  Performance



Starting with the following questions: what does it mean to miss someone?  How can I keep you close ? If my skin touches your skin, do we become one?

I explore the feelings of being separated from your loved ones. Since I moved to Spain, understanding the emotions of being physically apart from everything and everyone I know, has been a process. 

On my last trip back to Mexico I was able to create a mold from interlocking my hands with those of my loved ones.  The molds were formed from the only space not touching while holding hands. I used clay form Mexico, my homeland. Closing the gap meant that I could appropriate the only space between us. In that way, every time I carry this pendant-like-sculpture is as if I could carry the only space that separates us. It is as if I could touch their skin again.



Ceramics, painting, Performance

presented at Pocoapoco art residency

invitation from Jessica 

Collaboration with Alicia Jiménez

photos by Enrique Cabanillas

Oaxaca. Mexico


This performance emerged after the immediate and "magical" connection between the artists Liliana Díaz and Alicia Jiménez in Oaxaca in 2018. Both share a concern for healing the body and mind through nature and artistic processes. When they agreed to work, they agreed to collaboratively create a piece of healing in which they challenged their supports and ways of producing.


This project explores the entire disease-healing process.

Due to a past illness, close to death by Liliana, her eyes opened to the world of physical performance and the understanding of recovery.


This piece begins by reproducing the symptom, which is a wake-up call, an invitation to listen to your body. A somatization of the imbalance in your lifestyle. During the performance, it is represented by the sound of a clay whistle. The subtle whistle resonates demanding reflection. It is the excuse to question, advance and move.


After listening to the symptom, the disease is proceeded. The convalescent body submerges and soaks into an alien element. An invasive disturbance that dirties and transforms. A journey of mud  where it is inevitable to contaminate the body through affections that adhere to you, becoming part of oneself. A permutation of the being begins by means of the appropriation of the ailment.


After the condition begins the healing. A recovery in which the improper is left behind. Even if there are scars and traces of the disease, it ceases to be part of one. The abandonment of pain and discomfort to reintegrate and heal. A cleaning and debugging trajectory.


As the last episode, comprehension, resilience and gratitude are overcome.

The return to accept the body, which served as a signal to be indisposed to prevent a fatal fate and call for a metamorphosis. The appreciation of life and its cycles. An offering to mother earth. Understanding the event suffered as an opportunity to reinvent itself.


In conclusion, the healing process of a person is related to their interaction with the universe and their self-knowledge. Through this work the viewer is invited to re-evaluate the course of his life and listen to his wise body.    /   +34627717666      /   Mexico  - Barcelona  /

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