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Liliana Díaz García

Born in Mexico city, 1992

Lives and works in Barcelona

The artist uses different reproduction strategies to dismantle the relation between conqueror and conquered, container and content. Introducing a particular interest in nature, moss, mushrooms, flowers, seashells, corals and other organic bodies.


The artist’s work is based on a deep approach to conquering another body and life itself. This allows her to also work with landscapes. Her work addresses the question about the limits of working with living-material that might wither, to create sculptures, objects and installation. She has also interest in the use and occupation of space and how a piece may work as part of a location.


"I use nature as raw material and as my canvas because I believe that the result of mixing something that is already a master piece with the ingenuity of human creativity will result in a transcendental work."


She is concerned with ecological issues and how humans have affected earth and their surroundings. She intends to go back to basics, reconnect with nature, our roots, our home.


Her work contains notes of ecofeminism, that can be heard clearly in her speeches. Processing different topics that involve violence towards nature, and humans. In a femenine and strong way her work brings up some issues, like the feminicides happening in Mexico city. 

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