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Dress/ flowers/text


Valeria, Abril, Lesvy, Fátima, Ingrid and all the women who have been uprooted from us, I miss you in this garden. I carry you with me everywhere. I am haunted by the idea that someone destroyed your petals. That someone let you to wither. You are the seed that grows in me to make a change. You are my motive. I will never forget you. Your lives meant a lot and I want to sow a field of you. You wither on the ground but germinate in my heart. 



embroidery/ flower


Based on the feminicide of an 11-year-old girl who was raped and murdered in a public transport at the CDMX. Valeria, I miss you as if you were my friend. Valeria,  you vibrate inside me and I can't stop thinking about you. I can't get rid of the fact that they took your life from the root. You were just a bud sprouting in this concrete jungle that could not protect you. I was persecuted by the thoughts of you  being abused, of someone destroying your petals and breaking your stem. That someone let you wither without even letting us smell your essence. What you are for me Valeria, is a seed, that germinates inside to make a change, to move. You grow inside me to motivate me, to transform things. I take you everywhere with me, I carry you sown in my heart. I will never forget you. Valeria your death is only the birth of strength, and courage, no longer of pain and despair. Valeria, your life meant a lot and I want to plant a field of you ...



embroidery/ photography


Imagine our outside matched our inside. Imagine our bodies could take the form of what we are. Our bodies are this thin membrane containing all. Are we able to modify it? Are we able to trace it and decompose it?


Photo assistant: Alan Gómez

Muses: Isabel Pacheco

Constanza Schravesande

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